Corro-Kolmio Oy

Politics of Quality

Corro-Kolmio Ltd's goal is to maintain and develop the quality of work and also enforce laws and references regarding safety and environment.

  1. Used methods, know-how, equipment and machinery constant improvement and follow-up of results.
  2. Maintain safety of the worksites and obey all the safety rules and environment specifications regarding project regulations.
  3. Considering all the customers wishes we always keep the schedule and make first-rate results by agreed quality standards.
  4. Knowledge and respect of every plants own standards.
  5. Training staff to answer today's demands.


In co-operation with Corro-Kolmio:
Corro-Kolmio Oy
Antinkatu 13 B 31
FI-28100 PORI
tel. +358 2 5299 590