Corro-Kolmio Oy

Corro-Kolmio in brief

Corro-Kolmio Ltd was established in 1984. We are specialized in industrial cleaning and demanding finish painting. Our office is in Pori, Finland. We are an international company and operate not only Finland, but all around Europe. Transportation of rolling stock is fast and flexible. Work schedule is fitted to customers wishes. We work also during factory's standstills, weekends and holidays. For every worksite there will be a contract by the hour or fixed -fee.

Quality of the work is guaranteed by the hard working and trained staff. Over 30 years of experience and long-standing customers are signs of good knowhow and expertise which is top-of-the field.

In co-operation with Corro-Kolmio:
Corro-Kolmio Oy
Antinkatu 13 B 31
FI-28100 PORI
tel. +358 2 5299 590